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I understand that I may not be able to post my items for sale on this forum as I have mainly been using it to help me and had little to offer you in return. The advice gained from you guys has been so vital, it led to me purchasing a brand new 2017 Cbr500r. 3272 miles later, and I’m trading it in for a different bike. I have been offered £3200. So as mentioned, I can not sell this item on the forum as I have not posted enough articles. But as my bike is so perfect, it would be a great bike for someone who’s really wants a looked after bike. So I do apologise for this, but it would be an injustice not to offer it. Trade in date is 1st September so dealt to be finalised by then.
Also Yoshi R77 for sale
Puig double bubble in black smoke.
Once again I apologise for breaking the rules, but I would love someone to own it who will look after it. Otherwise it gets traded out by a triumph dealer....location Essex uk
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