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noob here also
i have the 2019 500x i bought it new and love the machine
i also went from the vstrom 1000 and despite the obvious power reduction the 500x is a fantastic bike.
i had a lowering link put in it to get the seat height more to my liking.and some bar risers for comfort.
but every thing else on the bike suits me the engine is smooth and responsive the slipper clutch us light and the gearbox is silky smooth
the seating position is great , as is the wind protection not only from the screen,but the tank provides good wind shielding and even in the wet the rain seems to be defected around my legs.
i comute to work as well as do long trips on this little machine and it is so much easyer to ride and push around the carparks than my old 1000

go for the 500x

21 - 22 of 22 Posts