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Hello all,

so after some deliberation, studying and pondering I have finally decided and ordered both front and rear yesterday / today.

For the front I went with:
Fork cartridge kit Mupo Caliber 22 for Honda CB 500 F 12-15
I have read a lot of reviews on the shop I have ordered from and they seem fine, they reacted quite fast to my first inquires but, today when I was checking if the order went through okay (I didn't get redirected to the shop site properly after they paypal payment and there was no order confirmation via email for a while), they did not react, so we will see how it will go (that's the reason I used paypal as well), I expect the delivery to take somewhere between 10 - 15 work days (7 - 10 from Mupo to them and then Italy to Slovakia for the rest)
regarding the cartridges, they are Mupo Caliber 22, marked as a fit for CBR 500 R 2013 - 2015 (but as we all know R has the same forks) and according to Mupo, they should fit without any modifications. Stock spring rate should be 8.5 N/mm and they recommended to stay with the stock for 95 kg rider in full gear (I counted with 85 kg rider + some load on the forks from luggage / passenger) there are already some mentions of them on this forums, i.e.: Mupo Adjustable Fork Cartridges

For the rear I went with:
Honda CB500FA YSS Shock Absorber (13-16)
the shop had really good communication and were eager to come back to me with further details they didn't had the answers to at first, I have ordered the shock again for CBR 500 F as that had 120 N/mm spring compared to the 100 N/mm for the R (and it's the same for the stock shock) on top of that I ordered a remote hydraulic preload adjuster, the total price was around 765€ including shipping to Slovakia, the delivery time is expected to be around 3 weeks

I will make another post about this when it is here and if I have time to install it before the snow comes. I would also like to thank @Oyabun for his insights and apologize to him for all the spam from me

Best regards
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