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Hey guys this is kooky47 here. Ive posted here and there on this forum so decided to make it legit. Im 21 from fresno CA. Just moved back home after being in michigan for a year.... **** it was cold.
Left my truck out there and figured its a perfect time to sell it and buy a bike, my first bike.
Ive done the msf course and now as soon as i get the truck sold i plan on putting atleast 2000 of it down on a red CBR500r with ABS. I was stuck for a while on the ninja 300 but now that this beautiful machine is out ive been dying to grab one. I still plan on taking the 300 and 500r on test rides but im pretty sure of where im going. Besides, i want abs and the kawi green isnt doing it for me, reds my favorite color.

Other than that i plan on getting my bike within a few weeks and once i do ill start doing some good ol moto vloging. Just need to rig my flip ultra somewhere on the bike lol.

Im a writer, paintballer, gamer, and now a biker
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