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I'm new here, I found this forum when researching the 2013 CBR500R that I am debating on buying. I haven't had my motorcycle endorsement in more than 20 years, I moved cross country and hadn't ever gotten the endorsement when I moved, and my last bike was an early 90's Yamaha FZR 600. I am now in my mid 40's, a bit overweight (~220#), and have been thinking about getting back into riding. Will this 500 support at bigger guy like myself? I want a starter bike as it will also be used by my son (in a couple years) when he gets his MC endorsement and I will switch to another bike at that time so we can go riding together.

I found this 2013 that needs work, it's for sale at an insurance auction as a theft recovery.

The good: It has a 2 brothers slip-on, and a k&N air filter,.but otherwise looks stock. There are no visible leaks or signs of a previous leak.

The bad: It doesn't have keys, the key cylinder is stripped out as is the gas cap. It looks like it was dropped (somewhat lightly) on the right side, the controls show no damage, but the fairing on that side has a few cracks and etc. Also, it doesn't have a windscreen.

In my research I can replace the ignition cylinder and fuel cap, with matching keys for pretty cheap, <$40, and a decent double bubble windscreen for ~$90.

I'm kinda taking a gamble, as since they don't have keys and the key cylinder is so damaged they will not allow bidders to start the bike, but I was able to look it over and the controls feel tight and how they should (compared to my 20-25 year old memory of a completely different bike, lol) and the transmission changes gears (without it running). Since this is an insurance auction, the sale price is not set, but I am the current highest bidder and feel that if I can get this for no more than a couple hundred, it is well worth doing the work to fix it up and get back into riding. I have attached a few images, not the best quality sorry. What are your thoughts, is this bike worth the gamble for a couple hundred dollars?









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Hello and welcome to the forums.
For a "fistful of dollars" this looks like a solid restarter bike, I see no reason why you shouldn't buy it.
Hellonand welcome to the forums. These bikes are often underrated. Albeit being low engine capacity they can do anything you ask them with even a larger individual in the saddle within sane speed limits. I mean, yes, it will be slower than your previous 600 bike, but they can still do way over legal speeds, but it takes longer to get in trouble. At the same time it is a perfect example of a good (re) starting bike for both you and your son.
To me the damage to the right side fairings seems merely cosmetic, seeing a few really damaged bikes I'm quite sure that this has no structural damage.
The engine of these bikes is very reliable so I wouldn't be concerned about not being able to start it, as long as it has oil in it.
It also looks like having decent tires on it.
Keep in mind the bike also has a third lock cylinder for closing the pillion seat, don't forget to acquire that too.
To me it seems that all it needs is some love and caring.
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