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I typed this up for someone, and figured I'd put it out there for anyone needing help.

Basically, once you loosen the rear fairings(which has 3 bolts, and 4 push pins on each side). Bolt under seat on side, then that fairing under seat pulls out a little from a rubber piece on inside, the next bolt is under passenger seat near break light. Then there's two small push pins, one under driver's seat, one on under side, then another push pin on underside but it's a screw type. The last push pin is inside passenger storage under rear seat.

After the 4 push pins are out and the two bolts, the side fairings under passenger seat at rear must be carefully unsnapped. There are two snaps up top, and one on the bottom, I used a small flat head to pry the top two out, and the bottom came out with a little pull. They are very delicate and soft. I punched a screwdriver through middle of one snap. But it didn't hurt the snap ability and isn't visible.

Once the three snaps are out, do same on other side.

Then the plastic cover for break light can be carefully pulled back and out.

At this point you can pull the sides near break light up a little to reveal last bolts. 1 per side. Bolt has standard head, goes through rubber grommet, with a metal spacer\washer and screws into the plastic of tail light.

Once spacers and bolts are out gently pull up on light. The only thing holding it in are two rubbers on bottom sitting on plastic points.

Once light is out, unhook the main breakllight plug (the big one), and the orange and blue small plug, you can leave small white one in, it's a licence plate light.

When it's out, remove the two rubbers from bottom and insert into new light.

If you want sequential function, plug relay that comes with light into same color plugs on light, just goes inline.

Plug new light in, large break light plug, and the two small orange and blue plugs. Make sure when you plug light in that you run it under frame, not over.

Set light down where you can see it, and turn key to "ON". Test blinkers, and break light are working.

To turn sequential light function on if not on, remove rubber plug from rear of breakllight and use paperclip to press button inside hole. 3 quick presses cycles sequential turn, 4 quick presses cycles break light flashing 3 times then solid when you press break. Light will flash 2 times each time you cycle.

Turn bike off then back to "on" and test that your settings are how you want them, if blinkers are reversed, switch small plugs. Reinsert the rubber plug.

After that just reinstall everything same way you removed it, being extra careful with all tail pieces. And make sure before you snap rear sides on, that the side fairings are over and not under the body. Most things gently snap back in with a wiggle and soft tap of the hand. Don't forget to press the side back into the rubber before bolting. All in all, takes 1-4 hours first time, if I did it again, prob take me 30 mins.
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