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Delete this. Realized i posted in the wrong page..

bought a 2016 cb500f about a year ago with 1800 miles. The owner let the bike sit for a 3-4 years before I bought it.. now I'm up to almost 8000mi.
I had the chain skip and fall off on me a few weeks ago.. scary feeling but turned out to be ok.. slid the chain on and putted home.

Well the original chain was on the bike, and not looking good.. I had already maxed the tensionors to clean up slop.. so figured the chains bad..
I assumed this was due to the bike sitting, seals drying out on the chain.. so I figured my sprockets should be alright.. maybe?

Well I got my new shiny chain in and got it on the bike.. only problem I have is the 112 link 520 chain I bought from revzilla seems to long by atleast 3 -4 links..

Attached are pictures, but I have the 2 end links sitting on the rear sprocket, and the chain overlaps by 3 links...
Does sprocket wear create that big of a difference?
112 is the link length right? Like I shouldn't have to cut more links off the chain?
Added a picture of the front sprocket also.. first bike so not 100% sure what the tell tale signs are here.
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