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I want to buy SHAD sh58x for my Honda CBR 500R 2016. I would like to buy alu-rack for my bike and then attach case. But i'm not sure if it would fit. I saw there is no dedicated sw-motech adapter for this case. There is one for SHAD cases but sh58x is excluded. I'm wonder if universal alu-rack adapter is compatible with sh58x mounting plate. Or can I just attach sh58x to alu-rack without any adapters? I’m was researching this topic for 2 days but I have found nothing. I hope that some of you have tried this before and could help me a little :)


Useful info:

1. Shad sh58x case - Case SH58X - Top Cases - Shad - Engineered for riding
1. SHAD sh58x case's universal mounting plate is part no d1b48pa
2. Alu-rack for my bike - ALU-RACK. Black. Honda CB 500 F (16-) / CBR 500 R (16-). - ALU-RACK. Black. Honda CB 500 F (16-) / CBR 500 R (16-). - SW-MOTECH
3. SW-motech universal alu-rack adapter -

PS. Do you guys think this case will look quite good on cbr500r ? I know it's big but this is the most "sporty" looking case I have found. And when traveling with woman big case is must have :( :D


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