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Replaced handlebar clamp with separate clamps

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So, I wanted to be able to mount phone/GPS dead-center on the handlebar... I am that guy. lol

In lieu of cutting the bridge, I found a perfect fitting counterpart on Partzilla, Honda Part No: 95014-22200. At roughly $23 its comparable to the mounts that attach to the clamp bolts, but this has zero impact on clamp, uses factory bolts and you can use nearly any conventional bar clamp for any device you want.

This part was most recently used on the XR650L but they fit perfect and only issue is they are plain black instead of the sparkle grey of the rest of the CB500.

Since I never found a post directly attesting to this "mod", I wanted to post it up for others to consider.

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I’m in the process of machining a clamp that will attach to the bridge of my upper handlebar clamp so that I can mount a gps. Once I’m done I’ll upload some pics. Initially I will be using the same Garmin Drive 50 I use in the car but if/when I get a Zumo I’ll mount its mount to my mount.
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That would be neat. The bridge is obviously really stiff so that's a good way to utilize it.

After mounting my Zumo I am already appreciating the windscreen and higher mount option of the 500X. Initially mine ended up right behind my chinbar so I would have to look down quite far to use it.

I have since ordered a RAM clamp, cos the Garmin included one uses a U-bolt which I absolutely do not like. Once I mount the RAM i will try to position it higher without blocking the dash or key access.
So this is what I came up with…

I started with a clamp…

Added a 20 degree angle piece and a rubber isolated adapter plate…

Painted it black to make it disappear and prevent its reflection in the gauges…

And the view from the seat…

My previous post was under the name xpaulmx, which is my Google login. I forgot my password and I was too lazy to reset it :)

Now I just need to wire it up.
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