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Hi Riders,

I diagnosed a problem with the rear abs, I got the code and I changed the cable. It was fine for few months, then the same problem occurred again, weird (the cable stretched back again).
I replaced it for the second time, (I put some plastic cable tie, as you can see in the picture) to prevent it to stretch back again. It did not work!
I stopped on a hill to wait for the traffic light, I pressed the rear brake and It slides a bit back, then I saw the abs light was blinking again.
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When I realized the cable was as you can see in the picture.

The mechanic has no idea what is happening, neither me. Do you think if I change the module I could solve this problem?
ABS is important, I don’t want to ride without it for longer!!!

The code says there is a problem on the rear cable, but I already changed it twice.

Could you give your opinion, I’m not sure how to solve it.

Thank you in advance for any idea.
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