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Ready to pull the trigger on a 2015 CB500F, thoughts?

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Hey all,

Found used 2015 cb500f with 2500 miles for $4200-negotiated down from $4800.

Going to look at it friday.

This will be my first bike, so I'm a bit nervous about finally buying one. Am I making a smart choice? Good first bike?

My main goal is to do some fun backroads take the long way travelling. This will fit the bill correct?

Anyways, any info is much appreciated. Just want to make sure I'm making a good choice.


Tire Wheel Cloud Plant Vehicle

this is the exact bike I wanted for a first bike.

I’m so happy with my purchase. I’ve got new boots and Kevlar lined jeans coming in the mail. Tomorrow I get my license plate from the DMV.

The guy I bought the bike from was awesome. I told him I was a bit nervous so we went into the parking lot across the street so I could get acclimated to the bike. Then he took me for a ride around town on the 25mph roads. He took time to show me some basic maintenance like cleaning and lubing the chain, checking oil and breakfluid. He even wrote me an informational packet on the bike. He seemed to be very meticulous in the upkeep and care for his bikes.

I told him at the end of the transaction that he was the exact person I wanted to buy a bike from, he told me I was the exact person he wanted to sell a bike to lol!

I’ve been taking the bike through my neighborhood to a parking lot near my house to practice my slow speed maneuvers and to just get more comfortable on the bike before I start traveling with other traffic soon.

gotta say… I’m very happy!
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Alright Ralph, that’s good news for the lot of us. 👍🍻💥🎉

I am right up the road from you in the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. I do have family in Austin, who I go visit every now and then. Any recommendations on fun roads in ATX or hill country?
East of Austin (past Bastrop) are lovely, rolling roads. I stay clear of Hwy 71 near ABIA Airport for the present, as it is all torn up and very congested. 71 east of Bastrop is nice and the roads that branch off 71 by Smithville are pleasant rides. Nice destinations SW of Austin are in the Wimberly/Blanco/Fredericksburg area. Anywhere in the Hill Country you are at risk for deer strikes. Massive whitetail deer population. I haven't hit one (yet) in Texas, but I ride very carefully. I've been unscathed 2d to two deer strikes, one in CA in 1989 and another in NY in 1995. Never came off the bikes, but was left shaken, (but not stirred; understood only by James Bond fans).

I'm 70 miles NW of Austin and I tend to stay in Burnet/Mason/Lampasas area.

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