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Installed a 4-pin relay to a 12v outlet to power my portable air inflator or a usb plug which powers my wifi camera that I velcro mount above the license plate which I connect to my phone to see directly behind me while riding. I velcro mount the camera so I can just take it with me when I park. I have a handlebar mount for the phone.
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24 Posts I hope the URL helps.
  • " Funle 1080P Bike Mirror Accessories - Updated 110掳 Bicycle Rear View Camera with 4.3" Color Night Vision for Ebike Handlebars"
Removable accessory.
Note: Charging time.​
Comment: I, myself, am considering purchase of a unit but am experiencing some difficulty finding a review video.​
  • Anybody else want to join, add a few suggestions for rear-view cameras?
  • Not certain about cable management e.g. I disconnect the LCD screen from the camera. From the end of removal, a length of wire should be secured to the motorcycle.
  • Not certain about Field of View: 130 degree
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