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Just a quick heads up for those enabling the Rev X-Tend feature in their Power Commander.
For those unfamiliar, it is a feature that with the tick of a box will raise the rev limit of the bike.
There are two options, the basic tick box raises it by 500rpm. The other option is by form submission to Dynojet to basically accept that if your engine blows up it's on you not them; they then provide a code for you to enter into the PC5 which raises the limit to whatever you have requested on the form.

And there in the problem is with the coded requests... Following correspondence with Dynojet, it was found that the guinea pig bike they used was getting limited at 9200, NOT as Honda has advertised being the standard as 9100. We found that with the code being provided for the PC5 to take control, that as the base was higher than reality, it was only working on the odd occasion when I was limiter 'bounce' above the normal.

The issue has been solved by Dynojet now providing a new code with instruction for a lower limiter cutoff.
So for those with mods to their engine that compliments the ability for it to rev higher, when you submit your form to Dynojet make sure to specify you need a code for a lower rpm limit cut of 9100 not 9200 (maybe even 9000).

P.S. For the majority, raising the rev limit above standard has little benefit as peak power comes on at around 8500 and drops off after that. This is only really applicable to those with cams and/or head work.
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