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Solution: Running LEDs without adding in-line resistors

So, this is kind of an edit of my original post concerning LEDs and electronic relays.

I found an electronic turn signal relay off of Amazon that is plug and play for the OEM mechanical turn signal relay. There's a couple on there and this seemed to be the only one with enough of a positive feel from the few reviews to warrant taking a chance on it.

It was a very easy and quick switch. All one has to do is swing the gas tank up to access the original relay and swap it.

For anyone interested the LEDs I'm using are 1156-A27-T (rear) and 1157-A27-T (front) from SuperBrightLEDs. All of this is also in the review I posted including video of the items working.

Hopefully now I will never have to worry about burning out those dang-blasted turn signal bulbs again! :grin:
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