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Hello guys this is my first Post.

I have installed a new Handlebar on my cbr500r 2018 ( LSL speed match ) and have run into a Problem.

Since the new handle bar is lower I can't reach steering lock because of the brake line hitting the speedo.

Now my Question is:
I would have to reorientate the brake line so it would point to the ground, which results in the brake line not being hold between those two metal things of the master cylinder, which as I found out prevents turning of the brake line.

Does anyone have experience with this type of issue ? Is it save to do so, or should I get a higher handlebar instead.

Then a different question as well:

Would you say it is save to ride with a lower triple clamp that is twisted 0,46° (0,15° Tolerance) ?
I wanted to replace it but found out the used triple clamp I bought was bent a lot more than my current triple clamp which was completely flat on a glass surface. (Maybe the forks have only been under tension ? )

Thanks for your attention and please excuse spelling mistakes since I'm not a native Englisch speaker.
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