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2021 500F
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Hello all, long time lurker here.
Thought I'd share my F and see what you think. I've thrown the kitchen sink at her, naturally. And also bought a few stupid mods just for fun. Got around 1600 miles (~2600km) at the moment, and cannot wait for summer to finally roll around 馃榿

Mods include:
-Factory Heated grips and Centre Stand
-Front fender extender
-J-tech rear tail tidy
-Gilles adjustable clutch lever
-Leo Vince Corse Matte slip on with DB killer fitted
-OverRacing black exhaust hanger
-Highsider Bar ends with Shin Yo bar end mirrors
-Bagster Seat
-RDmoto crash guard
-HEL steel braided lines (In gold) and Brembo RCS14

Ironically as soon as i installed the crash guard, i immediately dropped the bike. Did a fantastic job of protecting the clutch, but did slightly scratch the exhaust and bar end.

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You've done a fine job outfitting her. Looks great! Now we just need an exhaust note clip.

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You appear to have added some very good modifications to your "F" model, which are not mentioned above.
One is the Brembo 15mm (?) piston front brake master cylinder and and lever. I did the same mod to my 2004 Moto Guzzi Breva 750 and it really turns the single front stopper into a strong brake.

You must have gone for a softer shock absorber as when you mounted the bike in the video you sent the rear suspension sagged a reasonable amount, yet the OEM rear shock spring is nearly prohibitively stiff. I replaced the horrid OEM shock on my '17F with one made in NW Germany by Wilbers and they set it up with a 7.5N spring in deference to my 135# weight. It's a wonderful upgrade.

Your bike has been well and wisely modified and looks great, too.


2021 500F
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Funny you mention that Ralph, suspension is entirely stock, bearing in mind mine is the '21 model with the revised rear shock. In the video I think i had the front set to ring 3 and the rear set to 1. I weigh around 120 pounds (54kg to be exact), and have only now just got the ideal suspension setup for my weight. (4 rings front and 1 (minimum) rear for anyone wondering). I am tempted to upgrade the suspension, but with it dialled in it just feels incredibly planted in corners when pushing, only being upset by some of the (less than) ideal roads around here.

I did mention it in my mods list. It's a Brembo RCS 14mm, which from my research was the ideal size for a 2 27mm pistons we have on the 500's. One thing i didn't mention is that the braided line kit I have is for a CBR500R. Hel don't make 19-21 line kits for the F, so I had to 'improvise'. I was way too impatient to send in my lines and wait, so I did some research and found the 500R and 500F have all the same line's apart from between the ABS hardline and Master cylinder. Simply measured up a rough length of 43cm and specified it in my order.

I appreciate the kind words guys! Makes the hit to the wallet less painful 馃槄
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