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Guys I've seen this post on here but no one has really answered or in my opinion offered enough information in regards to their problem.

Long story short I left my light on drained my battery jump started it charged it up all good. Then I drained it again the second day. After the second jump the mechanic just touched the side of the bike with one cable and the other on the battery (I heard this is okay to do). Imminently after this I noticed the feul pump priming sound was extremely loud and continuously making an annoying humming while my bike is running.

To describe the sound 100% you know when you put your key it and the feul tank primes for 3 seconds and makes that hum then stops. Its now doing that all the time and very loud. I can hear it in heavy traffic while cranking it loud and I have a decently loud aftermarket exhaust. I've gone to my mechanic who says its fine if nothing happening to the bike but he admitted its very loud. I used to have a different cbr 500r prior that DID NOT MAKE THIS SOUND.

What weirds me out is that this started happening right after the jump start so I don't know if the jumper cables affected the bike electronically buts this humming is killing me. I honestly may pay for a brand new feul pump which will cost me $1000 just because this humming is driving me crazy and I dont even know if thats the problem. I literately feel bad for my bike.

Now when I'm riding and do a front break heavyish stop and press into the suspension a bit the sound stops and returns a second later. I can do this parked as well if i just press heavy into suspension it just stops.

Any idea what's going on here guys. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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