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2019 Rebel 300A/2020 CB500F A
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Hi all,

Trying to change the air filter/box element with a new OEM one on my 2020 CB500F.

I have the service manual, and it calls outs that I have to remove the ECM in order to access the bottom left airbox screw. It's quite tight in there, and there's no way to access without removing the ECM/connection.

The service manual doesn't call out how to disconnect the ECM, and I don't want to break anything. There is a little clip (maybe 2 sets) holding the wires to the ECM unit, but I have no idea how to remove it/them. Any input?

Also, I know disconnecting the battery seems to impact the clock only, but what about the ECM? Will I have to readjust anything after disconnecting it?

Many thanks.

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