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Headlight Wiring Help

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Hey all
2013 cbr500r

Hoping to find some people with expertise in the electrical field, forgive my ignorance as I’m a beginner at this

long story short, aftermarket headlights both shorted out one day, found the ground wire that had an open circuit, cut off and recrimped new connector for the ground prong for the h4 bulb. I believe the original reason the ground wire melted was one connector from relay was loose (bought identical replacement and planning on glueing back together like previous owner), (before and after)
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google tells me (in my case yellow=low white=high and black ground/neutral position) for h4 prongs… is what I did the right positioning?
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Lastly both headlight bulbs have the same the wires like the picture above, do I need to connect up the highbeam bulb yellow wire to the (black wire) power if all I need is the highbeam? (Black wire is constant voltage, assuming it’s the low beam)
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Before I pulled apart the wires and relay, when I switch the highbeam on, voltage shows lowbeam goes to 0v to save current, and guessing the highbeam powers both? Now when I switch highbeam the voltage doesnt Go to 0, whys that?

thanks in advance, any help is appreciated


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A ground plug usually does not melt since the power is on the positive/battery plug.
Maybe the bulb gets to hot. Do I understand this is NOT the factory setup?
And when you say you only need high beam , I suggest you rethink that.
Both low and high beams are useful.
And since you're there do it right.
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