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I was installing crash bars from Outback Motorek on my CB500X 2022. When installing the lower crash bar, I striped some threads thread on the front engine bolt. How should I proceed?

You can see some thread remains also on the bolt picture. In their manual they bolted the crash-bar bracket, to frame, spacer and to engine. The striped threads are from the engine. The engine thread doesn't go all the way through, just stops midway then it is narrower without threads. In the manual the re-used the OEM bolt, so with the crash-bar its shorter than when originally screwed.
Now that few threads are gone, would a little longer bolt be enough to hold it or should I make threads all the way through the engine and bolt it from both sides? or something else? The nearest honda service is quite far from me, so not really able to bring the bike there. Thanks for advice.

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