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Good afternoon everyone,
after searching I couldn't find much on this topic.

I own a 2017 CB500F and I'm looking to create a more aggressive riding position to help make this bike feel more fun.

Some pointers, I understand if I want sporty then I should have gotten the 500R, BUT I didn't like the look and style of the bike. I prefer the alien headlight with no fairings or windscreen.

After surfing the web I realized my three options were to either
1.) Flip the handlebar upside (not sure if it will be sporty enough or look tacky)

2.) Convert to a clip on (I want to avoid this option because I have mods that attach to the handlebar like gear indicators and phone mounts

3.) Clubman/cafe handlebars swap. I prefer this option. I would love to still keep my handlebar mods while also getting that modern/retro hybrid look.

Above is a link to the bars I had in mind. They are the only ones that are wide enough at 28 inches to match the factory handlebars which are 30.6 inches wide. Most other club bars are too short around 25 inches and the inner clamp is also too short.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

I know this may seem crazy but the CB500F checks all the right boxes for me but as comfortable as the factory bars are they just feel so dorky. I'm trying to get a more aggressive stance similar to the classic 929rr/954rr without being too committed like an Yamaha R6 or 600RR
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