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Hi @ All

I have 2 pcs of PC58.

In one, I have error 86-1 - "open or short circuit in the txd/rxd wire"

Wire between connector and speedo is fully ok, no issues.
I connected wire and speedo from my 2nd good bike, clear the error codes and then the same issue.
I reconnect ECM - no progress

My second issue is the turn signal relay, I bought 2nd bike (this with ECM issue) with LED turn signals and I changed to the original ones.
LED turn signal relay is not original (probably special for LED) but if I'm replacing this part with the original one, then turn signal is not working at all.

Adding to that, ECM issue appears after eliminating LED turn signals and 1x disconnecting speedo.
Maybe LED relay is causing the issue?

Many thanks in advance for any tip on how to resolve it.
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