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Bought a tail bag to hold my lunch, night time visor among other things. Just wanted to share my experience on the bag and installation.

2016 CBR500R

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I fed the straps under the tail frame.
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The bag does extend about an 1 inch out in front of the seat but it does not affect me on my riding position. Only time will tell if I have to somehow find a way to scoot it back.
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When not in use I found I can place them inside the trunk and hid them
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Fits all my stuff with some room to spare. The bag does expand but I didn't need to. Wrapped in the microfiber towel is my visor.
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I hope this helps my 500 riders out there ride a bit more comfortably. This does beat wearing a backpack every day hands down. This bag does turn into a backpack as well. Quality of the bag seems okay nothing has really stood out in terms of build quality. Link will be provided below, thanks!

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Ooo, clever running the straps under the rear subframe under the seat. I hadn't thought about doing that with tail bag straps, but it's a nice, clean solution.
Yup works okay, if I were to change anything is I would run them higher toward the end of the tail. Only because I like to scoot way back in the seat when I ride.
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