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Usually when the steering lock is broken, it either breaks a small chunk of the steering head casting (the cast section that holds the steering head bearings), so the pin on the steering lock has nothing to lock against, or it breaks the actual lock mechanism (on the bottom of the ignition switch) neither of those parts look like the item in your picture. if you really want to know what is damaged you will need to remove part of the fairing so you can see the lock mechanism (under the top yoke) and the steering head casting, get a few pictures and we can tell you what needs to be done, repair is usually easy and relatively cheap, but it requires quite a bit of manual work to get access to the repair area, you either need a compétant TIG/MIG welder to build up the broken stop on the steering head casting, or you need to buy a second hand ignition switch and swap the lock mechanism from the new lock with the broken one on your current lock (that way your original key still operates everything). Until you know if it’s the lock or the frame, you won’t know which part to replace/repair.
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