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Hi all,

The clutch has started to slip on my 2013 CB500F, and whilst I like tinkering with the bike, I kind of need it at the moment. I hoped I could just book it into a dealer and apply money to the problem, but due to staff shortages and such I have not been able to book it in at any local dealers for almost a month, so am to scrounge together the parts to do this myself. Normally I wouldn't be too fussed, but I've been burned a couple of times lately with harsh parts shortages and delays, so would much prefer to over prepare than to get half way through and have to stop and wait for more parts. Sadly I can't rely on being able to just drive up to the big honda dealer and be able to buy in stock parts these days.

Currently it only slips around or over the 5K RPM range if I accelerate a bit hard or apply a bigger load in that ballpark (like going up hill), but it's going to keep getting worse, so best get on it. I also have some track lessons booked for a week after the repair booking I made, so if that repair gets covid or parts delayed, and I'm left bike less for the track lessons that'd really suck!

Going through the service manual, I think I need

11394-MGZ-J00GASKET, R. COVER2 (spare gasket just in case)
22401-MM9-000SPRING, CLUTCH4

I haven't seen any mention anywhere of the pressure plate wearing out even though it presses against a friction plate, is it safe to assume that's pretty unlikely to be a problem? Also should I replace the clutch lever spring whilst I've got the cover off? it seems pretty cheap?

I was also thinking of seeing if I could order a couple of case bolts and a spring retaining bolt in case I make a mistake I'll have a spare. I think that's it. None of the washers or anything look to be single use crush type or anything like that.

Does that all look correct to you guys? Also has anyone who's done the clutch repair/replace learned any other lessons or have any suggestions or tips? As I say I kind of need the bike at the moment, and am just trying to avoid getting stuck waiting a ridiculous time for parts!

Thanks all in advance!

PS sorry, I should have said, bike has 32k km's, no history of clutch replacement, and I tried adding more slack to the cable.
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