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2022 & Earlier Model Year Part Similarities?

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Hey all-

New rider and user here. I hope I can word this correctly so anyone can help, but I'm curious about fitting differences between model years of the CBR500R.

I have a 2022 model, and with it being recently new, the number of verified accessories on the market is pretty minimal at the moment. Does anyone know if there are similarities in parts or accessories between model years, for instance would a tail tidy or grips that say in the name fits a 2019, 20 or 21, fit on a 22? I don't recall reading anywhere about major body or style changes between recent years, but I was just looking to confirm and figured here would be the best place to check.

If anyone could help with this question, that would be greatly appreciated.
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The only real change for 2022 was the front suspension and Brake setup. Brake levers may be different accounting for the different master cylinder but I'm not too sure. Tail Tidies and such would fit no issue. I'm not too sure about rad guards but I haven't heard of any changes in mounting.
I'm in the same boat here. New 2022, love it. Ordered some levers, and the brake lever was obviously changed so had to return them, had to return a rear hugger as well. Wanted Shad side cases, mounting kit not available yet. Also want a front fender extender, none yet. Waiting semi-patiently...
I just received levers from ride it and the brake lever doesn’t work even though I was told it would work. So that has changed for sure and I can’t get a response from them
Front fender extender 2019 on should fit no problem. Radiator is slightly different for 2022 so that may not be compatible.
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