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Hi everyone, and thanks a lot for the add to the group.

In advance : sorry if I make any double discussion here, I could not find a solution to my specific issue in the older topics and there is always a slight difference with my case that makes it impossible to find out the right cause on every other platform I looked.

I recently switched the stock front and rear indicators for LEDs (Bihr flush-mount on front and Chaft Poker on rear). I wanted to avoid replacing the stock relay as well and followed every advice I got for a resistors mounting. I think I assembled the right way (see pictures attached) and double checked my wiring.

However, even with the resistor put in parallel with each LED (as indicated by the manufacturer), I got the over blinking problem on all 4 of the indicators. I tested the left, right and warning commands with the same outcome.

Anyone tried the exact same operation and would have identified the problem ? Good to know : I have good but basic knowledge in electricity/electronics, I may have missed an obvious detail.

thank you all very much for your help,

Bihr front left indicator and resistor.JPG
Bihr front right indicator and resistor_1.JPG
Bihr front right indicator and resistor_2.JPG
Chaft rear indicators and resistors_1.JPG
Chaft rear indicators and resistors_2.JPG

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If it鈥檚 still flashing too quickly, then the resistors are not taking sufficient current, but why not just change the relay, probably cost less than those 4 resistors and Wastes less power.
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