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Hello All,

I picked up a 2016 headlight to mount on a project bike but have a question. There is a 6 pin connector with 2 black wires, 2 pink wires, 1 white and 1 blue. From that connector 1 pink and 1 black wire go up the top corner position light and the other 4 go into the main light. I seem to have more wires than I need unless I am missing something. Since I do not have CB500F to look at I require some assistance.

My assumptions from typical Honda wiring would be

Upper wires
Pink --- 12v Acc power
Black --- Ground

Main wires
White --- Low Beam
Blue --- High Beam
Black --- Ground
Pink ---??? Is there another lower position light??? if so this should be 12v Acc power also?

Can anyone confirm this or send a copy of a 2016 CB500F wiring diagram

Also does anyone know if the LED headlight has a built in ballast or will I need to put one on before the connector. I didn't see one on the wiring loom or anywhere else when looking at the parts online.



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