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As a result, the site has become a privileged intermediary between manufacturers and you future buyers. So many of you to ask questions about the medium displacement via our forum. We have asked our turn to memebres Division R & D Honda: Mr. Naoshi Lizuka (Large Project Leader, pictured), Ms. Kaori Inada (Ergonomics) and Mr. Kiyoshi Katagiri (Design).
We believe that users are more attracted NC 700 by the pair of their motorcycle while the target of the new CB appreciate more change over a wide range. The latter are more attracted by the dynamic, sporty look of the new engine 500. A unclamping of NC 700 is not in the agenda.
Why have called declination “sports” and not CBR500R CBR500F, CBR600F sister of (the faired Hornet)?
Our business strategy is rather to place the new bike like the big sister of the CBR125R and CBR250R.
Why reduce the capacity of the tanks when consumption falls? Maintaining the same capacity, autonomy was in progress!
Thank you for this very interesting question. For future projects, we keep in mind that for some, it is a criterion of importance. In the case of the CB 500 F, however, is a little different, because we believe seduce a younger crowd for whom autonomy is not a criterion at the time of purchase. However here, with consumption that we announce (note: 3.7 l/100 km) and the tank capacity of the new CB 500 (note: 15.7 l), autonomy still exceeds 400 km. What is good for someone who travels for example.
This year, you decline three machines on the same base chassis / engine, but it still can not find any way to model a real trail somehow. With the disappearance of the Transalp, a XC for example (with 21 wheels at the front and long-stroke suspension) could find its audience?
For this type of bike, the chassis of the 500 would not have been strong enough to make a model “crossover”. To replace the Transalp, we will create a model moose, quite different from road bikes we offer.

And a retro / vintage engine to 500, more affordable than CB 1100?
We are not sure that there is really a demand for this kind of model in Europe. The engine would be too light.
The old CB 500 is known for its reliability. How have you worked, what tests have you done for the new show promises to be just as strong?
With the new CB 500 we aim the same reliability as before. We opted for the same quality of materials and performed the same durability tests. I can not reveal their exact nature, but believe me, the new CB 500 is just as reliable.
Are there parts of the new CB 500 common with the old one?
Not even a bolt!
With the new card, a bike that should be widely used in urban environments, you mention its low emissions. Why not have the CB500F is the first motorcycle to be equipped with the Honda technology Stop & Start, Idle Stop system as we know the range scooter?
Your question is relevant again and I must admit that we think indeed to equip a motorcycle next to this technology. But in the case of the CB 500 F, then we would have to increase its price. And blow us away specifications and targets.
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