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16T counter sprocket

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Several years ago I had a 02 FLSTC. Came with a 88ci engine. I added a 95ci big bore kit, Woods carb, VH 2 into 1, a cam and ignition set. The added power was there. Then I added a RevTech 6 speed GB. 1st 5 gears were identical to stock so it was a true overdrive. I found I could go faster in 5th gear then in 6th and at highway speeds my fuel milage was slightly better in 5th however my vibration was a bit lower in 6th.
If I added a 16t countershaft sprocket would I have the same situation as the Harley? I've seen all the posts here referencing the 16t but not really addressing this situation.
Thanks Guys.
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Not so much an increase in top end speed, as although it does give it longer legs the engine is lacking the torque to push past the other factors at play like drag.
It's similar to riding a bicycle, that sure you can slot it into a harder gear that "could" take you faster, but try as you might your legs just don't have the strength to push the pedals up to the speed that is possible.
What you do notice however with the 16T is the more practical side of things at the lower speed end, like 1st gear becomes more useable, and there's one less gear change to get up to highway speeds when giving it the berries.
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