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  1. Honda CB500F
    Whats up everyone, I have a 2014 Honda CB 500F and I bought a Leo Vince GP Corsa exhaust website claims it will fit my bike however it says its for 2016-18 does anyone else have one of these?? Does it fit?? I bought a Coffman short pipe exhaust and then sent it back because this sounded much...
  2. Honda CB500F
    Aloha everyone, I have a 2014 Honda CB500F. The original owner must have put on a different chain because it doesn't have any rubber inlays and the chain is rusted and loud. Im putting on new tires and replacing chain and I'm thinking gold because I heard its more durable for wet weather which...
  3. Honda CB500F
    Hey everyone, I bought this bike and was cleaning the chain and noticed that there isn't any rubber in-between the links im assuming someone before me replaced it with a cheap chain because I figured the 2014 CB500F model would have X or O rings on stock chain.. Maybe im wrong but I'm looking to...
1-3 of 3 Results