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  1. Appearance and Body
    So I have recently changed my main two lights on my bike from Halogen to LEDS, the problem is the bulbs I have only have two, and I don’t have a bulb for the third eye above the both of them. Does anyone know where I can find that bulb specifically and if I can buy it on its own?
  2. Honda CB500F
    Hi all! I recently bought myself a 2013 Honda CB500f and it’s awesome! Everything works as it should except for the blinkers. First, the lights don’t turn on, hazards or blinkers. Also they don’t light up on the dash either. I don’t even know where to begin to troubleshoot as I’m new to...
  3. Honda CB500F
    Hello I recently changed my front turn signals because one had burnt out and one is significantly brighter than the other, I then went and got a new bulb and replaced it again and it is still much dimmer. However it brightens up when the turn signal is in use.. Also I noticed that my left signal...
1-3 of 3 Results