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  1. Honda CBR500R
    Hello, For 3 months I'm an happy owner of a 2016 CBR500R (orange/black :love:), which is btw my first bike. Due to the present season, I ride a lot at night, and would like to replace original bulbs by LED ones. I have the new ones (H7 socket) BUT I struggle to find how to install them. The...
  2. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Does anybody use H4 LED headlight with his CB/CBR500 bike? Are these LED headlights compatible with the stock headlight mount? Can you use them just like regular H4 light bulbs? Cheers, Gearbox
  3. Honda CB500F
    Hi there noob here just wondering if anyone has any idea what contraption I have on my headlight. I've recently purchased a 2014 Cb500f on a 63 registration and noticed the main beam isn't working, I've removed the wiring loom to the bulb but it seems like it's one complete unit. Any help would...
  4. Honda CB500F
    Aloha has anyone actually done a headlight conversion or replaced the stock bulb with something brighter and may offer better vision on the road? Surprisingly I've noticed some people of flashed brights at me thinking that I may have my. brights on which I didn't. I'm not a huge fan of the look...
  5. Honda CB500F
    Hey All, Hoping to get some advice regarding my headlight. I feel it's great on full beam but woefully dim on dipped. Not sure if I should go for simple bright bulb, upgrade to led or install extra lights. Your suggestions would be appreciated (nothing too complex, I'm new to wrenching and I've...
  6. Honda CB500F
    I love almost everything about the 2019 cb500f, with the exception of the headlight. Would installing a new headlight be as easy as removing the old one, clamping on of these headlight brackets (41mm), and attaching this headlight? How would I go about doing the wiring to ensure everything...
1-6 of 6 Results