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  1. Honda CB500F
    Thinking of replacing the grips, have I got the right SKUs? Right: 53140-KYJ-900 Left: 53166-KYJ-900 I understand these are factory grips from CB300, Grom, etc. Question is - will they fit CB500F?
  2. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    I bought a second hand 2014 CBR500R a couple of weeks ago. Bike runs really well and in very good condition. Only today I noticed that there's a slight side-to-side movement in the throttle grip. It's about 2mm of movement at best. I've tried to do some research and it seems to be common, but...
  3. Honda CB500F
    Hello, Making this post for those of you out there trying to make some small modifications to your bike without all the hassle. What I thought would be a quick swap of handlebars took me a while to complete between researching, trial, and error. Hope I can save other riders the headaches I...
1-3 of 3 Results