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  1. Honda CBR500R
    Looking for some advice please, Own a 2016 CBR 500R, Was doing some simple plug and play aftermarket TailLight install but when i turn the bike on now Both the left and right indicators are on constantly and within a minute of idling the harness with the resistors starts catching smoke and...
  2. Honda CBR500R
    I've discovered a parasitic drain in the turn signals fuse slot and I am unsure of how to proceed to fix the problem. I've just been keeping the battery on a tender so my bike doesn't die. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Honda CBR500R
    Hi, all :) I have a 2015 cbr500r and it's been going strong for 20,000 miles but it's just started with an intermittent fault and I'm not sure how to fix it. It blinked a little abs code at me(didn't know that was a code at the time, thought it was the abs) then the next time I tried to fire...
  4. Honda CB500F
    Aloha everyone, I just replaced my handlebars after laying the bike down a few weeks ago, It was still ridable just slightly bent bars, now that I've put it all back together no electrical is working except the starter and headlights including high beams... Doesn't seem like it would be a fuse...
  5. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Does anyone know where the ground wires are connected to the frame on a 2016 model. I have the service manual with the wiring diagram but I can’t seem to figure out where they physically are. Thanks
  6. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Hey, I have a 2016 model cbr500r and the instrument console doesn’t show any information, only the high beam indicator comes on. At the same time the indicator and break lights has stopped working. This has happened before but when it did it was because the odd/turn fuse had blown but this time...
  7. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Hey everybody, as you can probably guess by the nature of this post; I am very new around here. I recently purchased my cbr from somebody that sold it out of fear after laying it down at about 20mph on an exit ramp. It had some pretty extensive cosmetic damage, as well as a few torn turn signal...
1-7 of 7 Results