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  1. How-To Forum
    I couldn't find much info out there so I made my own coolant flush video based on the instructions from the service manual. Hopefully it helps people in the future. Honda CBR500R Coolant Flush
  2. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    I have some coolant that I used in my other Honda vehicles that appears to be the exact same as the one sold in the smaller bottles specifically at the motorcycle dealer. Both say type 2 and both are a 50/50 max. Is it safe to use the one I already have? My other question is, I put in coolant...
  3. Engine and Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, did a coolant flush and change today and noticed a pretty large amount of small, shiny metal shavings at the bottom of the pan after draining. Don't really have any experience in this department so I was wondering if this was cause for significant concern. The only thing I can think...
1-3 of 3 Results