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  1. Honda CBR500 Member Rides
    With the winter season here, I took the time to customize my CBR500R to have a personal feel and look. Having just finished it earlier today, I thought I would share it with you all. It ain't perfect, but I'm super pleased with how it turned out, I can't wait to hit the roads with it this coming...
  2. Honda CB500F
    I just recently installed some new speed sensors on the front and back of my bike and the ABS light still keeps on flashing.Instead of turning off at 20 mph it suddenly begins to start blinking on and off and continues regardless if I’m at a stop or not.Any idea what could be the problem ?
  3. Honda CBR500 Pictures
    Hello! I am a new rider and purchased my ‘22 CBR500R in June. Yes, yes I know, I should not have bought a brand new bike with no experience. I definitely figured that out when I laid it down on my first ride. Besides that, I have taken it on many rides and have gotten a lot more comfortable...
  4. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    I just got my 500r back in May and I've been looking at slip on exhaust. I don't think any of the videos I've found do any of the exhaust justice. The ones I like so far are Coffman, scorpion serket tapper, and LeoVince. Leo doesn't have a big selection for year 2022. Does anyone have any...
  5. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Hey! I have a Honda CBR 500R that is having a kill switch malfunction. When I disengage the kill switch then reengage I have to press down firmly on the kill switch to get it to engage. If I do not press down on the kill switch the bike will not start, the headlights will start to flicker, etc...
  6. Honda CBR500R
    hello, I have a 2022 cbr500r and wanted to put on a new exhaust to make it sound better/louder. I was wondering what would be my best option? also curious if a 2021 exhaust would still work or if I'd have to go for a 2022?
  7. Honda CBR500R
    Any recommendations or suggestions for a fender eliminator kit for a 2015 CBR500R? I don't want to have to cut into my frame or make major changes to the rear. In order to have a kit fit. I have seen some great suggestions, from other members when being asked for advice on aftermarket parts...
  8. Other
    Two sets of Ventura rack rails, one for a 2013-2016 CBR500R the other for the later model 2016-2019 CBR500R. Easy to fit - you just need to get the Ventura rack to fit onto the rails, or use adapters (like I did) to fit to a top box rack. I am located on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia...
    $75 AUD
  9. Honda CBR500R
    Hello, I would like to know if any of you know if it exists and where I can find this accessory online for the CBR500R 2022. (International shipping) Thanks!
  10. Honda CBR500R
    I'm trying to fix the titled annoying issue with my bike . **The bike starts-up effortlessly - two cranks and its running, every time. **Bike pulls at high RPM (6500RPM+) with no issues when the engine started up just a couple minutes ago. (Yes, I know that I shouldn't rev up so high after just...
  11. Honda CBR500R
    I need to break down my forks for some maintenance but I’m not sure what oil I need for my forks. I see multiple recommendations and don’t want to just randomly pick one. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  12. Honda CBR500R
    I recently purchased a 2017 Honda CBR500R and it only came with 1 key. I want to get a spare and I’m having trouble finding a straight answer of what Honda part number is for the blank oem key for my year and model bike. Anyone have info?
  13. Honda CBR500R
    Howdy fellas, Im looking to see what you guys think about aftermarket Coffmans or Leo Vince GP Corsa Slip On ? 1) which one sounds deeper? or better overall? 2) Is it worth it buying it used? 3) Whats a good price to buy it for? used and or new? anyone selling Leo Vince GP corsa slip on? if...
  14. Honda CBR500R
    Does anyone know how to remove this stem cap
  15. Honda CBR500R
    ¡¡HOLA AMIGOS!! , el ultimo mantenimiento que le he realizado yo mismo a mí CBR 500r , es la sustitución del kit de arrastre o transmisión, y según he visto en el manual de mantenimiento para Usuario de HONDA NO indica el Par de apriete o torque que llevan los pernos de la...
  16. Honda CBR500R
    2015 CBR500R, Bike fell over and the bar end, and bar end core of my throttle side is trashed. my throttle is now sticking as well but that's beside the point of this thread. my main issue is the bar end internal weight, and bar end itself are destroyed. do i need a new core? or are there bar...
  17. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Hey, I have a 2016 model cbr500r and the instrument console doesn’t show any information, only the high beam indicator comes on. At the same time the indicator and break lights has stopped working. This has happened before but when it did it was because the odd/turn fuse had blown but this time...
  18. Honda CBR500R
    Hi all , As I'm an old school kinda man, (not a boy anymore), I like analog cluster in retro bikes as I enjoyed Royal Enfield Classic 500 stealth black while I was in India. Now I own 2017 made CBR500R which is one good cocktail (at least for me) as it checked all my needs like street fun...
  19. Honda CBR500R
    Hi, can anyone tell me the diameter of the exhaust pipe of the CBR 500 R 2019? I think it's 40mm but I'm not sure, can anyone help me?
  20. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone, i'm new in your forum ( show your love :D ) . I want to ask your opinion about my new motorcycle! I live in Greece and we have bad roads, drivers are really bad also. I used to ride a Honda Innova ANF 125 and i had like 35miles on it when i decided to sold it. In less than a...
1-20 of 22 Results