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  1. Honda CBR500R
    Hello guys, Something very intressting happened to me the other day. So there is this coworker lady with the motorcycle (cbr 500 r 2015) who frequently asks me to help her out with some basic maintenance like oil change or this time battery change. So I arrived to her place and I started...
  2. Electronics
    Subject says it all. How do you decide when it's time to change the battery for a new one?
  3. Honda CBR500R
    Hey everyone. My battery (furukawa ftz10s) died and I'm looking for an affordable alternative. Wondering if this battery will be a good replacement. As far as i know the size is the same (L:150mm,W:87mm,H:93mm). The model is 2018 cbr500r, thanks in advance!
  4. CBR500 General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone. First post, been a member since about 2015 or so. Read a ton of things here that have helped me tremendously in the past. So let me begin, as mentioned in the title I have a 2013 Cbr R that's been sitting inside my shed neglected for about 3 years. Got serious with work, family...
  5. Honda CBR500R
    Hi, all :) I have a 2015 cbr500r and it's been going strong for 20,000 miles but it's just started with an intermittent fault and I'm not sure how to fix it. It blinked a little abs code at me(didn't know that was a code at the time, thought it was the abs) then the next time I tried to fire...
1-5 of 5 Results