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adjustable levers

  1. New Clutch or Clutch Cable?

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Ok,, I've never has some much difficulty adjusting my my clutch in the past. However; When I down shift to 3, 2, or 1'st gear I with the clutch disengage I can feel the bike tugging like the clutch isn't fully disengaging to roll as in 'N'.. I've also lately been missing 2 and finding 'N'...
  2. spike bar ends w/ adj lever

    spike bar ends w/ adj lever

    view of new adjustable levers along with the spike bar ends
  3. lever full view

    lever full view

    just another picture of the levers, though this time with a full view
  4. adjuster view of aftermarket levers

    adjuster view of aftermarket levers

    just a picture of the adjuster portion of the new aftermarket levers i installed on my 2019 CBR500r
  5. levers


    new adjustable levers i ordered from amazon... i expected to be disappointed but i was pleasantly surprised