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Millennium Red

HONDA solo seat cowl, red
HONDA rear hugger
HONDA tall sportscreen
PIRELLI angel gt 120/70r17, front
PIRELLI angel gt 160/60r17, rear
DYNA BEADS ceramic internal balance beads
MOTOSHOW clip ons, 41mm 1" rise 7 degree slant w/ OE internal handle weights and bar end weights
AAAMOTORHK adjustable fork preload caps
SW-MOTECH mirror extension bases
T-REX RACING frame sliders, red and white lettering
T-REX RACING engine case cover sliders
T-REX RACING spool adapters / sliders
STOMP GRIP clear / black tank traction pads
M-FACTORY adjustable pegs, 40mm offset
SKENE DESIGNS photon blasters w/ signals and warning
SKENE DESIGNS p3+ w/ signals and voltage
VOLO LIGHTS brakeless deceleration plate frame
SYLVANIA/OSRAM 1157R LED tail light bulb, red
CUSTOM TAYLOR reflective wheel stripes, red
LIGHTWEIGHTS stealth reflective tape, black
OSRAM led t10 marker light
ZENEX h7 4300k 55w hid low beam
MORIMOTO low beam relay harness w/ 10 second delay
OSRAM h7 rallye 65w halogen off-road only high beam
SCREAMING BANSHEE shockwave horn w/ high beam flasher
BAGSTER newsign tank bag / backpack
BAGSTER easy road bag harness
BAGSTER spider expandable tail bag / backpack
POWERLET cigarette oultet / SAE plug
RAM MOUNTS spring loaded cradle
RAM MOUNTS stem mount w/ short double ball arm
ANKER braided USB type c cable
ANKER quick charge 3.0 USB cigarette adapter
SENA sc-hr-01 bluetooth handlebar remote
ANKER 10,000 mAh quick charge 2.0 powerbank
CMS MAGNETICS n45 magnet signal trigger
D.I.D 520VX2GB-112 gold chain, gold rivet master link
XENA xx-6 disc lock alarm
XENA cable and lock adapter
OXFORD stormex cover

(replaced parts)

DUNLOP roadsmart 2 120/70r17, front
DUNLOP roadsmart 2 160/60r17, rear
HR GRIP waterproof phone case
HTC USB car mode cable


REEVU msx1 rear view helmet, hi viz
REEVU msx1 face shield, mirrored
SENA 10r bluetooth communicator
REFLEXITE retroreflective helmet tape, silver
NONOISE motosport filter ear plugs
HEAROS extreme foam ear plugs
ALPINESTARS celer leather jacket, hi viz
ALPINESTARS t-gp plus r air mesh jacket, hi viz
ALPINESTARS viper air mesh jacket, hi viz
ALPINESTARS amok drystar jacket, hi viz
ALPINESTARS tech jacket spoiler
ALPINESTARS gp pro leather gloves, hi viz
ALPINESTARS archer gore-tex x-trafit leather gloves, hi viz
ALPINESTARS gp pro r2 leather gloves, hi viz
FREEZE OUT glove liners
NIKE pro combat hyperwarm hydropull hood
ALPINESTARS bio air armor shoulder and elbow kit, ce level 2
ALPINESTARS nucleon kr-1i back protector insert, ce level 2
ALPINESTARS nucleon kr-ci chest protector inserts, ce level 1
ICON cloverleaf knee sliders w/ D30 armor, ce level 1
ALPINESTARS a10 air mesh pants
ALPINESTARS sports knee slider pucks
ALPINESTARS sonoran drystar pants, black
LEAN ANGLE kevlar lined jeans, indigo
FORCE FIELD hip armor, ce level 1
FORCE FIELD knee armor, ce level 1
TKD jeans, franky relaxed dirty
TKD RPS kevlar linerp
TKD hip armor, ce level 1
TKD knee armor, ce level 1
BULL-IT sr6 cargo zip-off covec lined jeans, black
BULL-IT tactical easy fit covec lined jeans, blue
BULL-IT ce level 2 hip armor
BULL-IT ce level 2 knee armor
BULL-IT gravity knee protectors, ce level 1
BULL-IT cardinal hip protectors, ce level 1
ALPINESTARS s-mx plus gore-tex boots, black
ALPINESTARS s-mx 3 vented boots, black
AMERICAN KARGO trooper back pack w/ rain cover, hi viz
OGIO no drag mach 5 back pack, hi viz
KAWEI KNIGHT drop leg bag
OHMOTOR drop leg bag, waterproof


VENOM rear race stand, paddle and spool
VENOM rear stand dolly
VENOM front race stand, fork
HONDA rear preload spanner and handle
HONDA oil filter socket wrench adapter
MATRIX oil drain pan / container
MATRIX oil funnel
BIKEMASTER digital torque wrench adapter, 1/2"
POWER GRIP strap wrench, small and large
GRUNGE BRUSH chain cleaning brush
TIROX 360 chain cleaning brush
GREASE NINJA chain lube attachment
MOTION PRO chain slack setter
MOTION PRO cable luber
MOTION PRO mini brake bleeder
D.I.D km500r chain breaker/rivet tool
SCIENCE PURCHASE electronic vernier caliper micrometer
MOTION PRO alignment tool
MOTION PRO beadpro tire levers
MOTION PRO rim guards
BESTREST bead setter ratchet strap
BESTREST tire changing mat
SLIME valve core tool w/ spare cores
BLACK AND DECKER air station asi500 rechargeable inflator
OPTIMA 400 digital battery charger




HONDA 2013-2015 CBR500R/RA, CB500F/FA, CB500X/XA service manual
MSF Motorcycling Excellence, 2nd edition
DAVID L. HOUGH Proficient Motorcycling, 2nd edition
DAVID L. HOUGH Mastering the Ride, 2nd edition
DAVID L. HOUGH Street Rider's Guide
LEE PARKS Total Control, 2nd edition
KEN CONDON Motorcycling the Right Way
KEN CONDON Riding In the Zone
NICK IENATSCH Sport Riding Techniques
KEITH CODE Twist of the Wrist II
2013 HONDA CBR500RA AC (Millennium Red)



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