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General Information

Pearl Himalyas White
Hello, my name is Jon and I got back into riding in 2014 after a 35 year hiatus. My older brother has been riding for forever and had been encouraging me to ride again. I rode Honda back in the ‘70s - a CL70 Scrambler on the local trails in high school and a CB350 Four in college. After doing some searching I fell in love with the new Honda CB500F in Pearl Himalayas White. I passed the MSF Basic Rider Course and got my motorcycle endorsement in May of 2014 and took possession of my new bike later that month.

I ride ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) so this is what I'm wearing:
▪ Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots
▪ Tourmaster Flex 3 Jacket
▪ Tourmaster Overpants
▪ Tourmaster Summer Elite 2 Gloves (light)
▪ Olympia 186 Typhoon Gore-Tex Gloves (medium)
▪ Olympia 4270 Wolf Gore-Tex Gloves (heavy)
▪ Shampa Mini Neck Gaiter (when needed)
▪ Schuberth C3 Modular Helmet (primary)
▪ HJC IS-17 Full-Face Helmet (secondary)

Motorcycle equipment and supplies:
▪ Cortech Super 2.0 18-Liter Magnetic Tank Bag
▪ Deltran Battery Tender Junior
▪ Pit Bull Standard Rear Stand - Removable handle
▪ Pit Bull Hybrid Dual Lift (Headlift & Forklift) Stand - Standard Pin - Removable handle
▪ The Grunge Brush, Dupont Chain Degreaser, and Dupont Teflon Chain-Saver Lubricant
▪ Xena XX-6 Disc Alarm Lock and Cycle Minder 65901-13 Reminder Cable - Large [Long]

For my Pit Bull stands I put a piece of 1.5" ID rubber hose from the local farm store on the "U" of the stands to keep them from sliding around and getting all scratched up (see photos). Used a drill press and Forstner bit to cut the handle hole and then slit the hose and put it on with 3M 300LSE double sided tape. Clean everything with alcohol and do one edge at a time by putting the tape inside the hose and then rolling it down into position and clamping it overnight. I specifically chose this tape to adhere the low surface energy of the rubber hose with the high surface energy of the stand - found the tape on Amazon.
2014 Honda CB500F (Pearl Himalyas White)


● Gas Cap Dude Mirror Extensions

Better rear view and clearance for my GPS mounting.

● RAM Mount with Garmin nüvi 2555LMT GPS

My GPS mount consists of:
▪ RAM-B-231U U-Bolt Ball Mount
▪ RAM-B-201U Short Double Socket Arm
▪ RAM-B-238 Ball Mount Base Plate
▪ RAM-HOL-GA52U GPS Specific Cradle
▪ RAM-KNOB3LU Locking Knob

● BC Battery Controller 12V Outlet

BC Battery Controller 12V outlet model 710-P12A from Amazon has a handlebar mount and a rubber boot on the rear so your wiring isn't just hanging out like most of the others. I also purchased a 2-Way Plug Kit HM-2P from Corsa Technic to plug it neatly into the rear option connector. Ran the wiring along the left side of the bike with the wiring to the front cowl.

● Healtech GIpro DS Gear Position Indicator

I went with the the blue model GPDS-H01-BL. Ran the wiring along the right side of the bike and up to the front cowl with the throttle cables and right hand control wiring.

● Corbin "Black Bomber Jacket" Leather Seating

It took a little bending of the offset brackets ‾\_ and adjusting the bolts on the seat pan to get the seat to fit up right. I used new M6 x 15mm socket cap screws and washers instead of the original hardware. The pillion seat needed a little shimming in the back to tighten it up and takes a good whack to get it latched now. The new seat shape takes the pressure off my thighs and butt.

Corbin says to use vinyl on the sides for better wear and tear but mine is all leather to match. Got the pillion seat at the same time to make sure they matched as the "Black Bomber Jacket" leather has variation. I bought their conditioner as well to help keep the leather in good shape. It took them two weeks to build it and four business days to get it here. Shipping charge was US$67 as oversize dimensional weight for FedEx to get it 2500 miles across the U.S.

● BrakeAway 7CP02 Cruise Control

This is a more expensive motorcycle cruise control but the instant front brake release was a must have feature. Had to pull the front brake lever and reservoir totally away from the handlebar to wiggle the mounting bracket into place. Didn’t have to disconnect the brake switch wiring though it was a tight fit. Make sure you get the adapter ring set screws adjusted so the ring cap is visually concentric with the grip!
● Givi A1126 Airstar Screen

Screen mounts nicely in the two upper bolt holes for the front cowl assembly. Only took 15 minutes. Looks like it belongs on the bike. Cuts upper body buffeting tremendously.

● SW-Motech Center Stand

I put the bike up on a rear stand and it took maybe half an hour to install - just a simple bolt on job. Need to keep the socket screws loose until you have it in place on the bike and then torque them both. Had no problems putting the springs on using a Phillips screwdriver. Put the screwdriver through the spring loops, put the driver point on the spring stud on the stand, lever it up and slide the springs on. Don't cut the body panel - just remove it and put it back on when you're done. The rear wheel is about 1.5" off the ground when it's up. It's easy to get up by putting your right foot on the stand arm, left hand pulling in the clutch, and right hand pulling the upper arm of the pillion foot peg mount up and back.

● Givi V35 Side Cases and V40 Top Case

V35 side cases with red lenses and pearl white color panels. V40 top case with smoked grey lenses and pearl white color panel. Install required SR1119 top rack, PLX1119 side racks, and E251 Monokey mounting plate. Admore LEDV35-S-TS (RY) light kit installed.

● Denali Soundbomb Mini Horn

Upgraded to a REAL HORN with the Denali Soundbomb Mini mounted on the left side by the engine. Mounting is to the top of the cowl attachment bracket just to the front of the new horn location. Bend the horn quick connects up and no change to the OEM wiring is required.
● Vizi-Tec SupaBrake II Tail Light Modulator

Plug & Play under the rear seat. I'm using profile #8 for aggressive flashing with standard filament bulbs.

● Signal Dynamics Headlight Modulator

Get the Headlight Module + Single H4 Harness Adapter and it's totally Plug & Play. Module fits in behind the headlight. I didn't bother hooking up the Heads Up Alert feature to the horn. I zip-tied the auto-night shut-off light sensor wire to the lower left bracket from the front cowl and pointed the sensor at the front fender to pick up ambient lighting (see photo).

● Smoked Clear Turn Signals / Winkers

Swapped out the US / Canadian amber turn signal lenses and clear bulbs for smoked clear lenses and amber bulbs. Honda part numbers 33404-MGS-D32 and 33454-MGS-D32 (two each) from Consolidated Motor Spares B.V., Netherlands. Sourced the 1156A and 1157A amber bulbs locally.
● Rear Suspension Tools

Add to U.S. tool kit:
▪ Honda 11-89202-KY1-700 Pin Spanner
▪ Honda 11-99006-12000 Handle (12mm)

Numbers seen online for sag and what I've measured with stock setup:
▪ Front = 30-40 mm ... measured at 40 mm
▪ Rear = 30-35 mm ... measured at 35 mm

I'm 6 foot and 180 pounds without my gear. Stock ride seems okay for this returning rider.
Wheel and Tire
● customTAYLOR33 Wheel Rim Tape

Photos with and without camera flash. I put RED on the rear wheel and ORANGE on the front wheel to match the reflectors so others know which way I'm pointed. I'm told I really light up in the headlights, as well as in the sunlight just right.



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