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Gunpowder Black Metallic (NH436X)/Mat Summit Pearl
Hi and welcome to my garage! After some time on the forum I figured it's high time I started sharing more info about my bike and the shenanigans I'm getting up to as I start putting it under the proverbial knife in an attempt to personalize the steed to my liking. Stay tuned for updates in this space as well as posts as applicable outlining the adventure. Up next, a little history and thoughts behind my (planned) mods. Stay Tuned! :) - Apr 05th, 2017

So one of the things I've bemoaned about the colour scheme of my bike (of which we had only the one option in 2015) were the accent stripes that it came with. However, since taking possession of the bike, the accents have definitely grown on me as has the white which seems to have a blueish hue to it which makes it all the more nuanced and amazing. I do like the Hi-Viz stripes too though the rear fairing colour and accents and design still didn't sit right with me. SO, I decided to try some things out and set out to conceptualize my plans (See image, please excuse the poor art/photoshop skills). How much of it I'll actually be able to pull off, I don't know but if I can get it close, I'll be pretty happy. Thanks for visiting and stay tuned! - April 25th, 2017

All of the fairing/cowling pieces are now acquired and modified as required. Looking now for a place to match OE paint (for which paint code does not exist anywhere so far as I know) though most body shops I've contacted don't seem to be too interested in piecemeal work - seems only full vehicles or insurance claims are profitable for them. A couple of custom paint shops I've asked have quoted me at least double for the same work. There is hope that the new Rebel 300 shares the same paint code for the white but I'll have to confirm with my own eyes whether it's a perfect match. Otherwise the search continues but I'd like to be able to put Phase I to rest soon. :S - Jun 11th, 2017

FINALLY got the hugger adapter bracket done and the hugger installed last week, and I think I've found a place to paint the fairings for me for a reasonable cost - if they can even get it close, I'll be a happy camper. Hope to visit them in the next couple of weeks to work out pricing and such. Fingers Crossed! - Sept 12th, 2017

Been a while since I've updated this. Whew! So many things have conspired to delay all the work that I wanted to do but Phase I is finally done and Phase III has been bumped upped to Phase II i.e. all the parts are in, and need to get installed. I'm hoping to get this done before the end of this riding season, which SHOULD leave me free to start Phase III (formerly II) in the off-season. Pictures will be going up soon! - July 29th, 2019
2015 Honda CB500F (Gunpowder Black Metallic (NH436X)/Mat Summit Pearl)


Phase I:

- Custom Taylor 33 Rim Tape - Engineering Black - Complete.
Phase I:

- SpeedPro Cobra Hypershots Ultrashort Slip-On Exhaust - Complete.

Phase II:

- Radiator Guard - Complete

Phase III (Planned):

- Front (Rear?) Sprocket Change.
Phase I (In Progress):

- T-Rex Engine Sliders - Complete.
- Rear Exhaust Hanger and Rear Foot Peg Delete - Complete.
- Rear Fairing and Side Panels Trim and Paint - Complete.
- Motodynamic Rear LED Light - Complete.
- CB300F Rear Hugger w/Custom Bracket - Complete.
- Honda Rear Seat Cowl Colour Match Painted - Complete.
- CB500X Under Cowl Colour Match Painted - Complete.

Phase I ~ II (Planned)

- Windscreen (TBD)

Phase II (Planned)

- Rear Sets (Honda MY16+ Rearsets) - Complete.
- Fender Eliminator (TBD)
- Front Headlight Retrofit (TBD)
- LED Turn Signals Front and Back (TBD)
- Mirrors (TBD)
Phase III (Planned):

- CBR600 F4 Rear Shock Rebuild and Upgrade (IP).
- Front Shocks Upgrade (IP).
- Front Suspension/Fork Brace (No Longer Considered).
- Steering Dampener (No Longer Considered).
Phase I:

- ASV Shorty Brake Lever - Complete.
- ASV Regular Clutch Lever - Complete.

Luggage Systems:

- Trusty Gregor Waterproof Backpack - Complete.
- SW Motech Alu-Rack w/Quick Lock Extension Plate - Complete.
- SW Motech Rackpack - Complete.
- SW Motech Blaze Saddle Bags (possible future consideration)
- Tank Bag and/or Tail Bag (TBD)


- Corbin Seat - Complete.
Wheel and Tire
Phase I ~ II (Planned)

- Optima USB with SAE attachment plug - Complete.
- Phone Mount (TBD)
- GPS Tracker - Complete.
- Bluetooth Communication (TBD)



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