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Yokka01 06-23-2019 10:50 PM

Slipping clutch
Hey guys I bought a brand new cbr500r in November last year (2018) and ever since Iíve had it the clutch has been playing up and slipping. Iíve had it in the shop once and they adjusted the clutch cable and it was ok riding around town at 60kmh but yesterday we went for a ride and after about 30ks of travel at 100kph the bike started losing speed, no power loss just speed. It feels like the clutch is screwed. Now my problem is..... when I first took it in I may have done a little burn out just before it went in and my back tyre dobbed me in so the shop told me that now my warranty is void and would have to pay for all repairs. So can anyone give me some advice whether my warranty would be actually void from my actions and if so what will I have to do to fix the bike.

bambams 06-23-2019 11:28 PM

I have no real advice for you, but your post was worth a chuckle. I wish I had more money than brains.

It does sound like something is wrong though. You can search for forums for tips on adjusting the clutch cable yourself. But if it is changing in a short period of time it sounds like something is damaged or malfunctioning... If the dealership can't get it solved you could try finding another garage, or try to make friends in the motorcycle community in your area and maybe you'll meet somebody that can help as a favor.

PiedmontBuckeye 06-24-2019 11:32 AM

What oil are you using? Make SURE that you only use oil that is save for wet clutches in motorcycles. I forget the designation, but this rules out ALL oils that are engineered for cars.

I use Shell Rotella T6 (synthetic) but there are many other ones that are very good. The T6 is pretty much the same as Pennzoil Platinum Synthetic (best one going now for cars) but is safe for mc's with wet clutches. Pennzoil & Shell are the same company.

airhead83 06-24-2019 02:44 PM

The normal oil quality standards you need to look for are API-SG or higher, and JASO's standard MA or MA2. The API = American Petroleum Institute and JASO = Japanese Automotive Standards Organization. Specifically, the JASO MA ensures the oil is "non friction modified". Designed as an oil that lubricates the engine, gearbox, and wet clutches as one system. Insert the photo of your bike here as an example.

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