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Originally Posted by motohonace View Post
Hope you never need the crash bars!
I have a 2016F & have added:
1) center stand, which is so useful for chain maintenance & much more especially when away from home
2) rear tire hugger, which keeps the shock & other things much cleaner in the wet
3) front fender extender, which some argue is overkill if you have a rad-guard (I have both)
4)small,Puig, windscreen which is a big plus at speeds over 40mph

I am using a Honda OEM tail bag, a small magnetic tank bag & a set of SW-Motech Blaze panniers. Great for light touring.
That about sums it up.
Enjoy the ride
motohance, I like the idea of the screen and may yet add that and a centre stand. Can you post some pics when you have a chance? Cheers
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