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Originally Posted by Oyabun View Post
@PuffTheMagic Any update on this project?
Also if someone does does not have the tools or time to build an interface, woukd it be possible to wire up a 16pin standard OBD connector ti the honda dlc and use a commercially available obd2 programming interface?
Why I'm asking is on an another forum someone reported ro be able to use this dlc to obd2 connector ( with an elm327 to read real time diagnostic data such as rpm, temperatures etc. on a "secondary dashboard" made with a torque app running on an android phone.
Here are some updates... I am fairly confident in the stability of my reading/writing software. I gave up on a C++ port because the code was so slow compared to my Python code (so many optimizations in Python). Anyway, I have Appveyor automatically generating windows .exe builds out of my Python code now. Once I tag a commit as an official release the build will get uploaded to the releases section of my github page. If you are testing this on Windows, with either the binary or the python code, you will need to use the libusbK driver which is installable via the Zadig app (google it). The program is still command line but it works well.

I've started officially doing mail-in tuning/flashing on the 1000rr and 600rr, here is a link my business page on facebook (

I still need someone to create the adapter on my page and dump their ECU or send me an ECU so I can start working on a definition file.

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