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Paul Norton
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Autosol is a great product and has be used by motorcyclists for decades. I used it to take the blue off the exhaust pipes of my British bikes in the '60s.

A couple of things they did not mention in the video.

Autosol is a very aggressive chemical compound. That should not be a surprize considering how it smells and what it does. It also turns everything black, especially your hands. So I would recommend wearing an old pair of gloves. When I am done a years riding, my summer riding gloves (inexpensive deerskin work gloves from Home Depot or Marks Work Warehouse) are usually pretty grubby and somewhat weather beaten. They get used for gardening and jobs like this.

Autosol used to come with paper instructions in the box. In the instructions it mentioned spreading the polish and letting it sit a minute or so. Not too long or it will start to dry. I use a dampened sponge to spread it. Then do your buffing with parts of old T-shirts as shown in the video.

There is no need to use this product on silverware or other eating utensils. Most toothpastes will do the same thing, but are not toxic (duh!) and wash off easily. After all they are used to polish the plaque off your teeth. I learned to use toothpaste as a metal polish at a Goldwing rally in the '80s. A surprize show and shine contest was held on Sunday, and of course no one had brought chrome polish with them. But when one enterprising "leadwinger" hauled out his toothpaste, it wasn't long before we all did the same. Yah we had yellow teeth, but sparkling bike chrome.

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