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Another cbr500 or something new?

Hey, long time lurker and decided to make an account today to ask for some opinions.

First a little back story.

I got my CBR500r (2013 model) new last year, Mainly used it for commuting, shopping.
LOVED the bike, was my first bike ever, it just felt right.
Drunk driver in a pick up totaled the bike (assuming it is totaled waiting on insurance) and nearly totaled me.

I'll be good to go come December.

My only real problem was when I was getting on the highway (as it is my first bike) I felt like I was stressing it too much going 80 (Gotta keep with the flow)

Well, as stated the bike may be totaled and I am looking at a new bike.
I really loved the MPG she got me and she felt JUST RIGHT.
I guess I am mainly curious as to peoples opinions of the CBR500R VS the CB500F and the CB500X (If I remember the models name correctly)

Also any other bike some people might recommend that feels a bit smoother on the highway.
I was thinking if I stick to sport but move away from the CBR500s I might get an FZ07 or a CBR600rr
Or possibly a fuel injected dual sport that has decent fuel capacity for long trips.

Someone talk me into sticking with a CBR500/CB500
Unless someone has a good option for good fuel mileage and better highway usage.

I cant get to my main PC until I can use stairs again so forgive any weird typos from this overly squishy laptop keybord (I can only use one hand right now anyway)

Update: I probably want something with at least a few after market accessories. some form of luggage rack, jerry can on the side (was a random idea not sure if that is ever done), decent after market exhausts to shed weight mainly (So slip on is fine)

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Many choices, what style do you want. Maybe you would be happier with a 650cc + cc's . My 500f is my favorite bike I've owned out of 14 but if I do get another bike I'd probably go for a 650cc-700cc. How tall are you ?what's your main riding style ? I do like the FZ07 that would be the most CC's bike I think I would ever want. These Honda 500's are really great bikes but I understand about needing more power at speeds above 80mph , especially when carrying touring gear. Best wishes on your Choice & Healing.

My choices Fz07, z650,Versys 650 & if they sold them in the USA ,a Honda 650F would probably be my first choice

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As for riding style, I don't really know. I only have ever rode the CBR500R and I don't care for going fast or racing I just enjoy the ride.

I do plan on going on some log trips to visit friends I haven't seen since I was a kid as well as ones I have only met online. so a bit of touring? but mostly commute.

I'm 6 feet 220 lbs so I probably would want to make sure the suspension is right if I go for the FZ, I hear they're too soft if I am remembering right.

The idea of a higher powered dual sport with great fuel capacity also interests me but I haven't seen any that are fuel injected (Though with my limited knowledge there could be plenty.)

I don't really know the difference between the CBR500R CB500F and CB500X except the 500F is naked? that is all I got so far.

I am working on a list of bikes I might want right now and may post it when done and reasons why. that might help people see what I am going for and why so they could give some good advice including "stick with the CBR500s" as that is what I really want to do but I feel I should give something else a try since all this happened.
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First of all, I would recommend waiting until you are pretty much healed up to figure out what, if any, new physical limitations will effect your riding. I found that a broken clavicle on my dirt bike, after age 70, slowed down my off-road riding substantially. I can no longer ride comfortably wearing my camelbak, and now I strap it to the rack with the toolbag.

I ride a (street bike) CB500XA for its ergonomics, despite my 28-inch inseam. I can just barely back the bike on tippy toes if the ground is flat and paved, otherwise I move the bike before mounting it. The X feels bigger than the R or F, but still is not well set up for touring. I added the OEM centerstand and luggage rack just to make it usable for touring. Below is a shot of the bike at Quake Lake, Montana, from when I did a 3300 mile trip on the bike in 2015 when I was 73. I didn't push hard, 400-450 miles per day made it a 4 day trip each way from southern Arizona to central Montana. The bike was all that I hoped it would be. I took "scenic routes" including Utah 150 through the Uinta Mountains, so speeds were more in the 65-70 mph cruising range.

The X has a 4.6 gallon gas tank, which gives it a good cruising range between fuel stops. I've averaged 69 mpg over nearly 15K miles. Running 80 drops the fuel mileage down to the high 50s for me.

One of the riders here swears by his new Kawi Z900. It is a lot of bike for the money, but it also drinks lots of gasoline. Blipco is guessing that he will get 45 mpg with it once it is broken in.

As I said, wait until the time is closer before cutting back the bikes you might consider.
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Sorry to hear you got injured, sounds pretty bad. Best wishes for a good recovery.

If you love the CBR500r, but use the motorway, I suggest a full power Honda CBR650. In AU they used to sell them, but now seem to just do learner ones with less power. Good ergos, more HP. Look good. Its a Honda. Fuel economy will suffer.

What happened to the drunk driver?
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Yeah, I won't be buying until I am fully healed (Expected to be around December)
I am just trying to research as much as I can as well as have people throw cons at the bikes that interest me since I get tunnel vision.. if I like it I tend to not notice the cons.
I would flat foot with a slight bend in my knees with the CBR500R which for its weight I liked to be able to do that. That slightly larger tank on the CB500XA temps me and I should be able to still get a decent footing with it?

that sounds like a fun trip, and that picture is amazing. I wish we had some nice areas like that around here.

I was planning on taking my CBR to mid Minnesota from south east Missouri in May to visit a friend (1100 round) until this happened.

One of the most attractive things to the 500s at least my opinion is it can do highway fairly well yet it has such great fuel economy, Closest thing I could find that gives the little extra power I want and doesn't suffer too badly was the FZ-07 but I have very limited knowledge on all this.

Yeah the 650 caught my attention, didn't know they made them at first was thinking after the 500s they were all super bikes. looking at it, the FZ-07 seems somewhere in the middle of the two for fuel and power.
I'll have to check more into the 650 it looks really nice so far.

As for the drunk driver.. after T-boning me... Not sure my bike is long enough to consider it a legit T-bone... more like dotting an i?
She drove off, left me for dead. Cops later found her at a hospital for herself. (As far as I know, being left pretty deep in the dark with all of this, gotta call the officer again soon)
From what it sounded like, even though it was a hit and run she was gonna get a slap on the wrist.
Days later (The cops never came to the hospital for me thinking I was fine) during a call with them they found out I had 4 broken bones so she was arrested after that.

Always use full armor, I was going 33 MPH and my back bounced off a curb, if I wasn't using armor I could be paralyzed or dead.
my back armor was damaged a bit and I got away with just a bruised back for back related injuries at least.
my leather was totally ruined. (Fresh patches on it too,DOT reflective)
The one bit of proper safety gear I did not use was riding boots, so I also got some road rash on my foot, that is almost healed, was small, only about 5" long and 4" wide.

So far the list of bikes that seem to interest me include
Yamaha WR250R though a bit slow for the highway and the gas tank is pretty small.
Yamaha XT250, same issues.
Yamaha FZ-07, I can't find a flaw in it. someone help me find one.
Honda CB500F/X/R I can't find flaws in any version nor can I choose which I think I like the most.
Honda CBR650F, everything I want except for the fuel economy.
Honda CBR600RR. might be a bit of an uncomfortable sitting position for long rides, poor fuel economy but nice power.

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I would check out the FZ-07 and the CBR650F, for me it would be a choice between those two bikes and then that Kawasaki z900.

I've owned many bikes and find this CB500 hard to beat. It always for me comes down to wanting more power, but then getting this great MPG sort of keeps me happy with the 500. It looks to me once you move up in CC from this bike the efficiency go way the frock down. I'm not sure about the MPG with those FZ-07 but for some reason I believe those are maybe in the low 50 something MPG range. ... did ride one, and it had an issue with buzz.

For me I would probably just go with the CB500, for me... it can do it all well and get great MPG. Light, easy to ride, what more you want.

It's sort of like we have too many choices these days.
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Yeah from what I can tell the FZ-07 gets about 54 at best. I found a site called Fuelly that people post their MPG for their bikes and that has helped a lot, looks like the 650 gets about 49 MPG with a 4.8 US gallon tank while the FZ-07 gets 54 with a 3.7 US gallon tank.

So if I were to get an FZ I'd have to make sure I can get a bigger tank for it before I make any final choices.
I think I'll do that now. I know I can get a 3.? US Gallon tank for the WR250R when it comes with a 2 US gallon tank. with still fitting its stock plastics.

If anyone knows of a fuel injected bike that gets at least 50 MPG and has a 6+ US gallon tank, (possibly on some sort of adventure touring bike? but haven't seen that with FI yet) that might sway me to that instantly.

As for these Kawasaki Z900s I keep hearing about, I guess I should look into them. I have nothing against Kawasaki but I don't really want to have one of their bikes. A few friends and I call them Kawasucki for no real reason other than being mean.
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The collision sounds nasty. Sucks you are being left a bit in the dark.

It looks like a really good bike with few faults, but as you ask, a negative for me with the FZ07 is the instrument cluster. Yuk. Bland, big, ugly.

I avoid kawas too. First bike was one. Never again. Not a fan of green either.
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What's your budget?
If you want to go whole hog on a bike that sounds like it meets all your requirements,
you might want to consider the Honda Africa Twin CRF-1000L.

It's a big bike - way too big for me, but it seems like it's built for a guy your size.
5 gallon tank, plenty of power for sustained highway use, and it's built to be off road capable.
33/34" seat height shouldn't be a problem for someone 6 ft. tall.
It weighs 511 lbs., which is a jump up from the 500 series,
but not bad considering the extra power and such.

A couple things that might be a problem are the high price - more than twice as much as the CB500's,
and the fact that you're still a pretty new rider and the CB500 feels right to you.
I've seen lots of new leftover 2016's around here at a discount.
Looks like avg. mpg is about 47, and over 50 if you drive reasonably.

It might be a way out of the question option, but I just thought I'd throw out the idea for you (and others) to consider. I'd also like to know what other people think of the idea.


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