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As a veteran rider once told me when I was in the same position; new to riding, new bike wanting to go faster, "Having a 'fast' bike will bring you trouble, having a 'quick' bike will you smiles."
But in either case skill takes precedence, as the OP pointed out with friends being quicker on his bike than him on their 600s.

If the bug bite to modify is too great to avoid though, single-handedly the best modification to do to this (and any entry level) bike is to improve how well it grips the road; that is upgrade the suspension and then when due for change, get stickier tyres. There's a bunch of threads on the matter you can search on, with a few hyperlinked from 'my garage' in my sig.

Make it quicker through the corners, and improve on skills to be faster overall, and the horsepower figure won't matter as much.

What makes
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Races are won in the turns.
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Originally Posted by Troy View Post
Firstly, forgive me for creating such a drastic thread title but it was the only way I knew how to truly express myself through a computer screen.

Secondly, this is my second thread so forgive me if this is in the wrong section and any member of staff is welcome relocate it.

A little bit of background story;- I passed my bike test around 6 weeks ago now and I went out 3 days later to a Honda Dealership to window shop. I came across this 2014 ABS CBR500R which I thought was an awesome bike! After a test ride, I was completely sold with it especially with how comfortable is was. At the time, it seemed to tick all my boxes:

Sporty design but not your typical tank-kissing poistion, it was nice and upright and allows me to be flat-footed (I know this isn't essential to riding a bike but it's more of a comfort thing for me).

Had an Akrapovik exhaust so it sounded like a wild beast even at idle revs.

Suited my size. I'm only 5.4" so again, it felt comfortable.

Heated Grips 🙂

All the above just made me smile and it gave me a tingle everytime I got on/off the bike. Someone once said: "If you can walk away from your bike without looking back, then you got the wrong bike".... guess what?!.... I look back!!

BUT, just two days later I started looking all over the web for how fast it could go and from there I felt almost disappointed. I found out it only tops out at 114mph and only had 47bhp. I thought to myself it's all good, becuase I would never reach it's top speed anyway, not for what I use it for (commuting). But after some days after while riding it, it just began to settle in and started eating away me that it's not as heavy-hitting as it looks.

I don't know why it bothers me so much though!! It's just those figures sound tiny to me yet I know it's more than what I need. Many friends of mine who have been riding a lot longer than I have keep saying it's a good bike I got and said that they can race me while using my bike and I use theirs (600cc++) and still win becuase it's all about riding experience in this case.

I took a 2015 650F out a few days ago and it wasn't quite what I was looking for so I decided to just stick to me 500 for the moment.

I think I got the "upgrade bug" already and I'm trying to run before I can walk. I also feel that I'm not giving my 500 a chance, becuase if someone was to ask me for a review on it, I would be a very positive one. I truly feel it's a great bike! I just feel I want something bigger already. Maybe I need to take it on a track-day!? I know bigger bike doesn't mean it's always more fun.

The first question I have to ask myself is: What is your national speed limit? If your national speed limit is faster than 114mph then you should get another motorcycle.. perhaps a CBR1000RR. If your national speed limit is like other nations and is less than 70mph or so then stick with your choice unless your going to a racetrack. What's the purpose of buying a 200mph street bike when you can only ride 70mph? It boggles the mind! I live in Germany so you can guess than I'm riding a bike than I am able to open up. (2016 Honda CBR500R.. small but nice). Next time do more research or move here.. then you can ride a fast bike longer then it takes to go from stop light to stop light.
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Originally Posted by blipco View Post
Here is something you can do.

Go to YouTube and look up Schaaf. He rides an old cb500. They have slightly more power than the new version but you can watch this guy beat up on much more powerful bikes all day long though that's not his intention. He just likes to have fun.
It's not the bike...

I found his site while researching the new cb500 line. Here's his latest video.
Ha ha, love the Anti-Littering PSA at the start.

Seriously though, littering IS uncool.
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Originally Posted by Owlman View Post
Ha ha, love the Anti-Littering PSA at the start.

Seriously though, littering IS uncool.
He has some clever vids.
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Really not much to add....but I'm 62 years old and have owned several bikes over the years that had a lot more power....but it's really frustrating riding around at 1/4th throttle most of the time. My 500 is the perfect around town, more fun in the twistys, and ridiculously reliable...Had her 2 1/2 years, 31,000 miles and no problem...Two things you might try, though...Get the spanner wrench to adjust the rear spring preload and experiment with the settings...I went 2 clicks up and it really made the bike turn better. Also the bike really likes the Dunlop Sportmax Q3 tires...These two changes really make a difference...Oh, yeah....Delkevic has some cool aftermarket slip on exhausts that'll make it sound better and drop a little weight as well....Have fun and be safe!

"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way" Mark Twain
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Troy, I know exactly how you feel and I'm suffering from the same dilemma. Now that I have built my confidence, the bike is no longer fast to me. Issue i have is that I am on a learner restriction for 3 years and nothing in this category is fast as they all have the same power limit. If you aren't on a restriction then I have no idea why you bought a 500 because it's just not adequate. The one thing that really annoys me is the clunky gear change but a lot of bikes are like that.

My solution is to start modding it

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Originally Posted by sonicboom View Post
Races are won in the turns.
Sure, this bike will beat the majority of cars on the road but I wouldn't be looking for traffic light GP's because you'll get smoked by some of them and it feels very degrading.


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Originally Posted by iliodi View Post
If you already think that this bike is under powered, you are probably riding around under 4000 RPM. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by a new rider. Between 4000 RPM & 6000 RPM is a good RPM range to cruse in. At this RPM range the bike sounds like you are ringing its neck but rest assured you are not hurting the bike and will find more power and torque.
I cruise at 4k as well because anything higher is very irritating.
That's why an aftermarket slip on is essential.


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When I first got this bike a couple times I had trouble passing cars going up hills in the foothills here in Northern California.

Now I'm not noticing that as much, since I'm in the habit of keeping the RPM's up above 4,000 these days on these hills.

Most of my back road riding I seldom get out of 4th gear, when I first got the bike I would be in 5th and 6th all the time and feeling like the bike lacked power sometimes.
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