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Originally Posted by Jamco View Post
I think the Yamaha XSR 900 or a XSR 700 if it comes to the States would be worth looking at. Even a Tracer 700 or 900 if they get here would be cool. But you KNOW the CB 500's ARE JUST FINE . If you lived in the mountains you probably would need more than 500cc.
I test drove a FZ-07 for about 20 minutes ,then got on my 500f . Sure the 500 is not as fast or as much torque as the FZ-07 but you know what , the 500 is smoother ,viberates less & gets almost 20mpg more. After that test drive I thought I really like/ love this 500f !
It's really all I need . We all look & think we want/ need more power but do we? Just something new & Shinier.
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Jamco, do you have/had a ZRX?
I considered briefly an FZ 07 but, without seeing one in the flesh, after making a few phone calls to dealers, they weren't making any deals with them because they sell all they can get their hands on. So it was MSRP or nothing.
Plus I was selling my Versys 650 which had similar power. I was looking for lightweight and even though the FZ 07 is lighter, I just don't like Yamahas. And I especially don't like the look of the FZ 07.
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