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I've been very interested in the 07 from the start - it's got more cc, it's got more power, it's lighter, it should sound better with the 270* crank and it's not even expensive!

The main question is if it is the better all-round bike.
I don't care much for bigger, better, faster when I have some gripes with the seating position, the handling, the FI or whatever.

Just yesterday I was riding my CBR500R again and said to myself: "This is a fine bike."
That kind of sums it up.
It's not a rocket, it's not a beauty, it's not a great bike, not a super bike and it's not a bike to impress other riders with at MC meets, but it's a fine bike as it is.

Forgive me when I compare bikes to women, but why not, as long as it's not degrading. The CB/CBR is not a beautiful model, not a sexy woman in a short skirt, not anything you'd turn around for and ask: "Who's that girl?"

But often it's the case that a more practical, maybe even homely woman gets married while the hot girls are still looking for a guy who wants more than just some fun with a picturesque beauty.

I've got a bike that does everything well and that's all I need these days. I'm not looking to upgrade for something "more" which is looking better at the moment, but maybe doesn't hold up in the long term.

I'll stick with my fine bike!

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